Google business photos for Google Maps in 3 easy steps

You gotta give Google its props.  Google comes up with the coolest stuff.  Google business photos in 360 degree is the latest. I was wowed years ago when satellite view came out then street view was the coolest thing, now we have street view inside buildings! 360 degree Google Business photo Example of a 360 degree Google business photo and how you can signup … [Read more...]

Google Plus Local reviews, how to get them, why you need them. Step 7 in series.

Google Plus Local reviews - how to get them, why you need them - Step 7 in series Here is what we know about Google Plus Local reviews: Reviews are VERY important in local search engine optimization with Google Reviews are tough to get on Google+ Local The review process isn't easy The Google/Zagat process is inconsistent and a bit flaky First of all why do you want reviews and in particular Google+ Local reviews? At its basic reviews serve three purposes: Reviews provide … [Read more...]

Why is my site not number 1 on Google for local search. Step 5 in series.

Step 5 in our series of getting your small local business online in 10 (somewhat) easy steps. In step 4 we helped you put a simple website together for your small business, in step 2 and 3 we showed how we could get you on Google + Local so you can start showing up in Google Map searches and other GPS based searches.In this step we hope to help get your new site on google local search.Optimzing your new site for local search on Google, Bing and Yahoo is a little different from the normal search … [Read more...]

Optimizing Google Plus Local for your small business page – Step 3 of series

Step 3 on the Getting your small business online series In step 2 of the Getting your small business online series we discussed why Google+ Local is so important for your small business and how to sign up and claim your Google plus local page.  If you haven't read the article you can read it here:  Get on Google Plus Local in 5 minutes or less or see the video I put together on youtube - video claiming your google+ local page. Google Local Search Top 7 Optimizing your Google … [Read more...]

Get on Google Plus Local in 5 minutes or less – Step 2 of series

Get on Google plus Local or (Google+ Local) in 5 minutes or less Step 2 on the Getting your small business online series You may wonder why I chose Google+ Local as the first step in getting your small business online. Heck, you may even be wondering what Google+ Local is in the first place! Google+ is Google’s social network. This may be news to some people but the reality is that it is the fastest growing social network and officially number 2 in size next to Facebook.  Last I heard … [Read more...]