Contractor marketing with Google Plus Local

If you are here searching for answers on Google Plus Local you probably already know how important Google+ can be for a small local contracting businesses such as a local plumber, electrician, handyman or home renovation specialist. But lets briefly explore why it is so important. Google Plus Local for Business has become the hub for Google’s local search plans. Google plus local is fully optimized for search and ties into Google Maps which is huge for those searching for contractors in your … [Read more...]

Why your Small Business needs Google Plus Reviews

Want to know why your small business needs Google Plus Reviews? Because reviews have a direct impact on your bottom line!  Yup, it's true and I am not even overstating the importance for dramatic effect. Although there are many factors with Google local search rankings here are three things that would be hard to argue given Google's desire to give its customers the best result for their search: Businesses in a given category will rank higher for local search if they have customer reviews … [Read more...]

Embedding a Google+ Post into your Blog or Website

Google just announced the ability to embed Google Plus posts into webpages and blog pages.  This will allow those with Google+ accounts to plus 1 your website and leave comments right on your blog or website that will feed back to the Google+ post. I love this option and will be using it often. You can now build on the social engagement you have around your posts or others in multiple locations but still maintain one conversation.  Sweet! Embedding Google Plus Posts - How To Instructions and … [Read more...]

Google plus sharing – who can see my posts

There is no denying that Google plus is  great for business. But like anything else you need to know how to use it properly. What we are going to discuss in this post is sharing of posts, more precisely who can see your witty posts and who can't see them The good news is that it isn't that confusing once you learn some of the terms and practices on Google plus so lets dive right into it. Google Plus Sharing - who can see my posts and who can't The most common form of sharing on Google plus … [Read more...]

Three Secrets to Optimize Google plus

Google+ was designed to be a Social Media monster that will dominate search results and you have to keep in mind Google knows a little bit about search results since they pretty much own them.  With that in mind it is important that any business owner not ignore Google+ as a rapidly growing social network and source of possible free traffic and business. This post will not discuss the obvious Google+ optimization techniques like keyword rich about pages or completing your profile completely, … [Read more...]