Create a WordPress Blog in 3 minutes

Not many years ago it was a challenge to actually set up a hosted blog.  Not anymore. Now you can create a wordpress blog in about 3 minutes from scratch! This is made possible by using the one click setup found at This youtube video will walk you through the easy steps to start your blog using wordpress in a matter of minutes. Here is the youtube video - Create a Wordpress Blog in 3 minutes Watch on Youtube: Create a wordpress blog in 3 minutes If you are … [Read more...]

4 ways to build your business website for free!

Build your business Website now!  Four easy ways to build a website on the cheap. OK, you've spent years building your business and you are doing ok but there is a little thing out there called the internet that you have totally ignored.  Well you just can't do it anymore or your business will likely die.  People don't go to the phone book to find anything anymore they go to your computer so you better get moving and build a website. If however you are like most small business owners there … [Read more...]