Freddie Fulton

Helping small business to move their local businesses online to take advantage of the booming local search and mobile search reality. Personally I have a wife and two kids and spend most of my time driving those kids to sports and school events. Love it.

How to Start Your First Blog Using WordPress – Step by Step Instructions

So you want to start an online business but don’t know where to start. This blog is for you. Most online businesses or platforms these days were started with a blog. There are many options out there for you to start your first blog and a few of them are actually free. I have personally blogged on Blogger for years and it is a good free blogging option, but if you are serious about starting a business and you want to take things to the next level you need to go to a self-hosted wordpress … [Read more...]

How to Build a Website – Udemy Course

We have just released a new course on to show you How to Build a Website Using Weebly. Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur with a great idea for a website but no time, money or technical skills to do it?  Well Weebly might just be the tool for you. Weebly is a great online website building tool. Benefits of Weebly: Weebly can be used by anyone It is free to use Weebly takes little technical knowledge Weebly is easy. It will take you little time to get your … [Read more...]

How to make an Awesome YouTube Video Intro using Camtasia

I am really into YouTube videos these days as a teaching tool.  In my own education on YouTube I've learned a few tips and tricks with YouTube that I think would be valuable for some of my readers.  So I'm going to pass them on. Here is a great way I found to make really awesome YouTube video intro's in a really easy way. What you need is: A video Loop - and we will show you where to find that Camtasia (or other video editor) In this video we find our video loops at … [Read more...]

How to Make a Blog for Beginners

Building a blog can be the first step for a small business or entrepreneur to begin their online presence, and it has never been easier. How to make a blog using Wordpress is a short video I put together to show you the step by step guide on how you would make your first blog from start to finish. Back in the day it wasn't easy to start a blog. Wordpress and other top blogging platforms took some serious technical know-how to get up and running. You needed to ensure you joined the right host, … [Read more...]

Get your plumbing business found locally online in four easy steps

Four Easy Steps to Getting your Plumbing Business Online Are you starting out a small plumbing business but worried you are losing customers because you have no online visibility.  You may be worried about having to build a website, don't understand how to get found online and other technology related concerns? Well this is the plumbing article for you. I will give you easy tips on getting your business online in a matter of hours and at little cost. I don't have the time, money or expertise … [Read more...]