How to make an Awesome YouTube Video Intro using Camtasia

I am really into YouTube videos these days as a teaching tool.  In my own education on YouTube I’ve learned a few tips and tricks with YouTube that I think would be valuable for some of my readers.  So I’m going to pass them on.

Here is a great way I found to make really awesome YouTube video intro’s in a really easy way.

What you need is:

  1. A video Loop – and we will show you where to find that
  2. Camtasia (or other video editor)

In this video we find our video loops at .  They have some great video loops and they are not riddled with viruses, in fact there are no viruses but always scan when you download (friendly lesson of the day)

Here is the YouTube video entitled “How to make an Awesome YouTube Video Intro with Camtasia

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