Visual Social Media Marketing – Podcast Review

visual social media podcastIf you are looking to learn more about marketing on social media through the use of images, pictures, memes and info-graphics you have to listen to this podcast.  Michael Stelzner interviewes Donna Moritz on his latest Social Media Examiner’s podcast (January 31, 2014).  Donna is an expert or guru in the area of visual social media marketing and can be found at Socially Sorted.

Donna goes through the reasons why you will want to start utilizing more visual methods of communicating with your customers when trying to increase engagement through social media. Donna also offers great tips on creating graphics and infographics and this is where the podcast became very valuable.  Using her suggestions I spent a few minutes and created the graphic for this blog post as well as the visual social media infographic attached below.

Here is the link to the Social Media Marketing Podcast and below you can find a summary of the podcost in Infographic form.

I used to create the graphic below for free and it was pretty darn easy. I also used to produce the image graphic above and that took about 2 minutes and also was free.  Nice list of tools in this podcast.

Visual Social Media podcast - Social Media Examiner

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