Contractor marketing with Google Plus Local

Google Map PinIf you are here searching for answers on Google Plus Local you probably already know how important Google+ can be for a small local contracting businesses such as a local plumber, electrician, handyman or home renovation specialist. But lets briefly explore why it is so important.

Google Plus Local for Business has become the hub for Google’s local search plans. Google plus local is fully optimized for search and ties into Google Maps which is huge for those searching for contractors in your area. Do not bet against Google, especially when it is so easy to set up a Google+ local page.

It is a must have for small contractors to be on Google+

Google Plus Local for Business is that it is easy to set up. You have two options for starting your Google Plus Local page.

  1. Claim your already existing page
  2. If it doesn’t exist set up a new Google+ local page from your Google Plus account.

Claim your already existing Google+ Local Page

Yes it is true, your Google+ Local Page may already exist for your business. Google may have already created your listing based on other evidence it has found about your business from other websites on the internet. Sites such as Yellowpages or Better Business Bureau and the like.

To check if your page exists you can just go to Google Maps ( ) and type in the name of your business and the city.

If you are in the newest version (as of Jan 2014) Google Maps you are looking for the words:
“are you the business owner?”  <- Click on this and you are off the verification screen

New Google Maps Business listing

On the older version of Google Maps it is a two step process:

Click on “more info” then on the Google+ Local page you will see on the left of the page about ⅔ of the way down the words:
“is this your business?” there click on “Manage this page”

Old version of Google Maps business listing

You will then go through the Google+ Page verification process .  Basically Google will send you a PIN to the business address to verify you are in fact the owner or call the number listed for that business.

If you have a brand new business and you aren’t even on the map (Google map that is) then you can go through the Google+ Local setup instructions. Again this isn’t that hard.

You will need to set up a Google+ account first but that takes all of a minute. Here are the instructions:

You have now claimed or own your Google+ Local page and you are well ahead of many of the other contractors in your area and it only took you something like 10 minutes.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  I’ll help you out.


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