Google plus sharing – who can see my posts

Google Plus LogoThere is no denying that Google plus is  great for business. But like anything else you need to know how to use it properly. What we are going to discuss in this post is sharing of posts, more precisely who can see your witty posts and who can’t see them

The good news is that it isn’t that confusing once you learn some of the terms and practices on Google plus so lets dive right into it.

Google Plus Sharing – who can see my posts and who can’t

The most common form of sharing on Google plus is through posts where it says “share what’s new…”.

You have four options in terms of sharing:

  1. circle or circles (for simplicity we will discuss one circle)
  2. extended circles
  3. public
  4. communities

Now lets address who will see your posts in each instance, and we are going to try and keep it simple.

1. Posting or sharing to a Circle

When you share your posts to a circle (or circles):

    • Only people in your circles can view your post
    • Only people following you will see the post in their stream
    • people in your circle not following you can see your post on your profile
    • all others on the interweb can’t see your post to a circle

2. Posting or sharing to Extended Circles

When you share your posts to Extended Circles:

    • People within your circles and those following the people in your circles can see your posts
    • Only the people following you will see the post in their stream
    • All others that are not following you but do get captured in the Extended Circle can see your post if they go to your profile (or someone in your circles +1 or Share’s your post)
    • Nobody outside this “Extended Circle” can see your post, ever.

3. Posting or sharing to Public

When you share your posts to Public:

    • You have now just kicked it up a big notch – everyone on the internet can see your post through Google+ or just regular Google search
    • Only those who are following you on Google+ in their circles will see your post in their home page stream

4. Posting or sharing to a Community

When you share your posts to a community

    • There are two types of communities, Private and Public
    • When you share your posts to a Public Community anyone can see your posts on the community
      • Only those who have set their settings in the community to have community posts show up on their home streams will see your post on their home stream
      • your community posts will also show up on your profile page if you haven’t changed the default settings to not show these posts
    • When you share to a Private Community only members of that community can see your posts

That is about it. There are other intricacies to be learned but this is enough to get you started.

See below for a graphical view of sharing on Google+.  You can also download the PDF for your own use as you begin your Google plus journey.

PDF – Google Plus Sharing

Google plus circles and sharingThanks to the following sources of information used to research this blog post: – Jaana Nystrom – Google Plus Helper – Stephan Hovnanian – Websight

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