How to change your address on Google Maps.

How to Change your address on Google Maps

I have had a few Google map adventures lately.  The latest involved a business that had moved or changed locations.  

moved business change address on google maps

I was going to go see a new, highly recommended, tailor to get a suit altered last week.  I did as most people do when looking for a business, I googled it.  I got the address from Google Maps and off I went.  The only problem was, it had moved.  Not too pleased, so you know I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada and when you are walking outside and it is literally 40 below you need to find where you are going instantaneously for fear of death.

Now this is a small sole proprietor tailor that may not even know his business is on Google maps let alone know that he needs to change his businesses address on Google Maps. 

So to help those small businesses that may have changed addresses. 

Here is how you change your listing on google maps if your business has moved.  

Marking a listing as closed or moved

If a business no longer exists at a location, you can mark it as closed or moved on Google Maps. Follow these steps to have the listing moderated:
  1. Find the closed or moved business on Google Maps.
  2. Use the Report a problem link from the Google Maps result.
  3. Select Place is permanently closed option.
  4. If the place has moved to a new location, give us the new location’s information in the comment box.
  5. If your business has moved and you manage the business’s new location, you should add the new location as a separate listing in your Places dashboard.
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