Google+ Local and Google Places at a standstill

Google+ Local and Google Places are at a standstill

It appears with Google’s change on May 30, 2012 to Google+ Local has ground the service to a halt.

Google seems to be done broke!

I have a couple sites I’m working with that were just beginning the Google Places process.  One went through the old Google Places claiming process and the other used the new Google+ Local claiming process.  

Both sites have not been verified by Google Places or Google+ Local or whoever at Google is supposed to verify sites these days.  

I would love to know what is going on behind the scenes today at Google in this area.  It must be complete anarchy.  
  • Google Places switches to Google+ Local
  • Google Maps is dropped by Apple on the Apple iOS
  • Google+ Local business pages seem to have numerous glitches
  • Google Business Builder – an even more aggressive business model including Google+ is apparently coming out in July.
  • Wow…. a lot going on.
BUT WHAT ABOUT ME!  I just want to be verified.  It sounds so simple.  The process used to happen quite quickly in an automated fashion.

Here is what I am seeing.
Google Places not yet verified
I want to know.  

Are others seeing the same sort of slow response from Google?  Maybe it is just Canada?
Please comment.
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